Mini Storify provides you with a Truly Organic product range at an affordable price as about us we never compromise with the quality as we know  If a fish is swimming in a dirty tank and it gets sick, do you take it to the vet and amputate its fin?

No, you clean the water. Right?

as like Mini Storify is also trying to clean up our system in order to make the earth a better place to live in addition, We, as Mini Storify, decide to help you and the environment in order to offer sustainable alternatives at a very  reasonable prices however We adopt the process of eco-friendly product innovation and continue to provide today’s consumer-driven society with orders to clean and green environment.


Who We ARE:-

Founder Ms. Manisha shares a  strong commitment to making Truly Organic products range that should be  safe from the harmful chemical-free environment for families as we recognize the need and demand to create and expand natural and organic personal care, oral care, bathing care products to reduce consumer exposure to cosmetic chemicals, which is why she found Mini Storify Truly Organic®

Mission Statement:-

in addition Our mission is to create the highest quality of household products for YOU however By using genuine and simple ingredients & manufacturing all of our product equally important it doesn’t get harm to the environment beside this its also gives a blissful experience to the end-user we understand the needs of the future for people and the planet that’s why we initiat baby step toward the future situation

Vision Statement:-

Our vision is to have a significant, positive impact above all  growth of personal care and household care where safe and Eco-friendly products prevail and where there is a Mini Storify Truly Organic® product in every home.

Our Values

• Serve to all
• Full of integrity
• Affordable Price
• No compromise with the Quality