Magic coin tissue tablets(120Pcs)



    Mini Storify Truly organic present Magic_coin tissue tablets(120Pcs) which are Easy to carry Compact also Handy In Size


    • Do You afraid to use towels/hanky of others to wipe your face …??

    • Do You get pimples using others’ towels & hanky …??

    • Do you can’t carry a tissue box in your purse due to lack of space …??

    • Do you want to keep tissue/baby wipes in your pocket for emergence use …??


     Your search is OVER!


    Mini Storify Truly Organic magic tissue paper know as a space-saving coin also it can easily make the space the size of a 5rs coin beside this it is comfortable

    and best for home, kitchen, Bathroom, hotel office, restaurants, hospitals, schools, business meetings, family picnics, occasions with a classmate,

    indoor or outdoor sports, camping, travel, hotel parties & wedding.


    • Also, another key point is Proud to support Environment-friendly, biodegradable also wipes beside this it does not contain

      perfume / unsent or harsh chemicals with superior hygiene quality however, it is suitable for kids children men women pets

      faces and hands, baby wipes, and pets, or removing make-up or any sensitive skin up & the best part is that it is  unbleach


    • Easy to carry:- although this may be true This Light and soft PORTABLE DESIGN (as candies) compress tissue is Made from 100% natural fibers also it is 

               non-woven fabrics/cotton however It’s a Small Size The Tablet Napkin Could Easily Fit In A Purse & pouch, Glove Compartment, however it can  Even 

              Backpack and


    • EASY TO USE: in the first place Just Put it in cold or warm water for several seconds beside this you may put some drop of water on it and It will become a tissue, it is original in India


    Compact & Handy In Size

    though Made with natural fiber & nonwoven fabrics the tissue also it can easily fit in your purse, pouch, gloves compartment, or tiny backpack

    making beside this it is extremely lightweight & portable.


     How To Use?

    • in fact, These super-soft tissues are really easy to use!
    • in the first place Just add water
    • Unroll it and watch it expand
    • Ready to use


    Versatile Usage

    on the positive side, The candy tissue can use as facial tissues, baby wipes, makeup removers important to realize it cleans pets thus making them

    suitable for use by kids, men, women, and pets.



    The packet contains Magic_coin tissue tablets(120Pcs)


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    Additional information

    Weight0.3232 g
    Dimensions18 × 5 × 10 cm


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