Mogra and Lavender dhoop Cones 150g Each



Product Description of Mogra and Lavender dhoop Cones

Unlock the magic of nature with our enchanting Mogra and Lavender Dhoop – a symphony of scents that transcend ordinary aromas. Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey where tradition meets modern tranquility.

🌸 Mogra Magic:

  • Experience the timeless allure of Mogra, a fragrance that echoes through generations.
  • Handcrafted with precision, our Mogra Dhoop uplifts your space with its sweet, floral embrace.
  • Captivate your senses as delicate blooms infuse the air, creating an atmosphere of serenity and joy.

💜 Lavender Bliss:

  • Dive into the soothing realms of Lavender, where relaxation and rejuvenation intertwine.
  • Our Lavender Dhoop is a fragrant dance of purple hues, fostering calmness and peace.
  • Unwind in the subtle aroma that Lavender brings, transforming your surroundings into a haven of tranquility.

Why Choose Our Dhoop:

  • Crafted with care: Each stick is meticulously crafted to perfection, ensuring a consistent and delightful experience.
  • Pure Ingredients: We source the finest Mogra and Lavender extracts to create a premium dhoop that stands out.
  • Long-lasting Fragrance: Enjoy lingering scents that linger, creating an inviting ambiance in your space.

🌿 Natural Harmony:

  • Embrace the power of nature with our dhoop, free from artificial additives or harsh chemicals.
  • Elevate your rituals: Perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply creating a peaceful atmosphere at home.


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Additional information

Weight0.5 g
Dimensions15 × 10 × 15 cm


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