Bamboo Cotton ear bud (80 sticks/box) (Pack 6)



    Are you looking for high quality of dual – tipped cotton ear buds which is suitable for all type of sensitive skin, ear and face or removing make up, first aid on adult, kids, babies and pets or lot of other issue..?


    Introducing Bamboo Cotton ear bud_(80 sticks/box)_(Pack 6) q tips Sticks |480 Stems/960 soft swabs is non toxic brown colour Natural plastic free, biodegradable and eco-friendly cotton ear bud which is best of resists staining, cracking and warping and best part is #babystepsforabettertomorrow for the planet. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial ear buds/swab, making it a safer & healthier alternative to plastic which is sustainable gently cleans your ear wax & double tipped generous cotton tip. Ideal for makeup, cleaning, Art and craft and more.

    • Bamboo Cotton Buds are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo stick with natural cotton tip.
    • Ideal for cleaning ears, nose, eyes navel and first aid, on babies and pets around the home and lots of other uses.
    • Perfect to use for removing eye makeup, applying face paint, cleaning jewelry or your computer keyboard.
    • It is also good for arts and crafts, Manicures and cleaning up the things.
    • Wooden materials and non toxic colours Natural and eco-friendly


    This packet contain Cotton ear bud_(80 sticks/box)_(Pack 6)

    Why bamboo cotton buds? Paper is prone to soaking up water and bending easily whereas Plastic is not eco-friendly. Bamboo, on the other hand, is free of these issues. Its strength also saves it from any danger of splinters and doesn’t pollute the environment. Multi-purpose and biodegradable use the bamboo cotton buds as you would use their plastic counterpart. Whether it is for cleaning purposes, arts & crafts, or your hygiene routine; they will perform the job without harming the environment.


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