Essential Oil 30ml of Eucalyptus & sandle



  • Get a fresh and glowing skin with Mini storify Citronella Oil! It’s like giving your skin a nice, refreshing bath. Experience the touch of nature that can help your skin look lively and vibrant.
  • When you smell Eucalyptus Essential Oil, it feels refreshing because your brain’s emotional center processes the scent. Aromatherapy usually involves smelling things. Eucalyptus oil smells fresh, minty, and lively. Inhaling this scented oil can be calming, relaxing, and may help with a cough, cold, and stuffy nose. Using a Steam Inhaler is a great way to get all the good things from Eucalyptus Essential Oil for your health.
  • Transform your regular bath into a fancy spa time by putting a few drops of our special Chandan oil in the water. Allow the wonderful smell of Sandalwood to fill the air, taking you on a delightful experience that brings peace and refreshment.
  • Make your home or office calm and peaceful by spreading the natural and lovely scent of this oil. It’s great for aromatherapy, lifting your mood, easing anxiety, and helping you relax.

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Weight100 g
Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm


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