Essential Oil 30ml of Lavender & Jasmine



  • Get a fresh and glowing skin with Mini storify Citronella Oil! It’s like giving your skin a nice, refreshing bath. Experience the touch of nature that can help your skin look lively and vibrant.
  • Lavender Essential Oil is like a hidden treasure for soft and clean skin. It clears your pores and battles acne, giving you skin that’s soft, nourished, and wonderfully moisturized.
  • We put our essential oil in a brown glass bottle to block out sunlight and protect the oil. We also give you a glass dropper to make sure you get just the right amount of oil without wasting any.
  • Handcraft Blends gets their oils from different parts of India. Every oil is carefully tested to make sure it’s real and genuine.

Additional information

Weight100 g
Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm


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