Wooden Knife 60 pc





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    Mini Storify Truly Organic  Wooden Knife 60 pc strives to contribute to a plastic-free environment

    by supplying a wide array of alternative options to the food and hospitality industry and helping them stand up to their

    quality commitments with minimal damage to the environment also, Our products give off no toxic chemicals associated 

    with conventional plastic and in addition, however, our products have been certified compostable.  


    Wooden Knife 60 pc wooden Disposable Spoon & Forks are biodegradable and are perfect for your

    kitchen, events, and birthday parties however We assured you you’re not contributing to the plastic waste from our products.


    • [EASY TO CLEAN] – These reusable chopsticks are very easy to clean also you can simply wash them with soap and a sponge in the sink.


    • [PERFECT FOR ASIAN CUISINE] – Whether you are eating noodles, rice bowls, sushi, bento box, Korean BBQ, or having an Asian-style
    • dinner party


    • [AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE] These wood chopsticks provide a more authentic experience and are a great way to improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination.


    • [BEST GIFT FOR SPECIAL OCCASION] – Great for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese Food however Suitable for parties, hotels,                                                            restaurants, and homes also It’s a great gift for special occasions.


    • [ANTI-SLIP FEATURE, EASY TO HOLD] – These natural wooden chopsticks have an Enamelling design on the upper part. This helps your fingers grip


    • [PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS] – the sticks and prevents slipping and rolling off your plate.


    • [PREMIUM QUALITY, HEALTHY TO USE] – Our chopsticks are made from high-quality natural bamboo wood also they do not
    • contain BPA and will prevent rusting and unwanted stains


    • [Stylish Set Of Utensils] – Be that person at the party that keeps things current and trendy with a stylish set of utensils that shows                                                          you keep up with the times and YES being the eco-friendly show’s just that!



    This packet contain Wooden Knife 60 pc



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    Weight0.22 g
    Dimensions60 × 5 × 15 cm


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