1 Neem Dressing & 1 Handle Comb 1 Neem adult toothbrush 1 Neem tongue Cleaner 1stand



MINI STORIFY TRULY ORGANIC PRESENT THE COMBO OF 1 Neem Dressing & 1 Handle Comb 1 Neem adult toothbrush 1 Neem tongue Cleaner 1stand

We provide only genuine neem wood to provide herbal and organic benefits  Each comb will be of natural

neem color and has a Slight scent of neem in them also We often comb longer with a wooden comb because it feels

so good. The massaging action stimulates the follicles to produce more hair strands, increasing hair growth and producing thicker hair.

Ideal comb for women and men wanting long and stronger hair


  • This comb charge and stabilize body charge and every strand of your hair absorb moisture and prevents brittleness, cuticle damage,   and hair breakage, and far better than a plastics comb.
  • our neem comb set has every Neem wood comb for hair growth and hair fall control Because of its medicinal or Ayurveda properties,      it activates hair follicles by increasing blood circulation.
  • It helps in hair straightening, smoothening, and frizz control, removing dirt and foreign particles, however, it’s hygienic and easy to clean, However, its wooden handle provides well balance better grip, and flexible bristles
  • additionally, the Neem comb naturally improves blood flow, provides essential oil to your gentle hair. Try our anti-dandruff Neem wooden Comb for hair growth for men & women.


  • Natural neem toothbrush has medicinal properties of neem which removes bacteria and bad odor also provides complete oral care.
  • Its ergonomic and simple design gives you a throughout safe cleaning also neem wood toothbrush will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.
  • Anti Slip Handle, sleek design, and also comfortable grip.


  • Our Neem-wood tongue cleaner is handcrafted with the goodness of neem, a medicinal herb.
  • It prevents fungal growth and also has antiseptic, antibacterial, and medicinal properties.
  • It reduces mouth odor and gives fresh breath.


  • The toothbrush stand is a 100% sustainable bamboo product, which helps you to do your part by not polluting the environment while also keeping your personal hygiene
  • It has a hole at the bottom which makes sure that all the excess water is drained out, keeping your toothbrush dry and hygienic.

This packet contains 1 Neem Dressing & 1 Handle Comb 1 Neem adult toothbrush 1 Neem tongue Cleaner 1stand


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