Afghani Guggal & Red Loban(250 G,Pack-2)



Mini Storify Truly Organic present Afghani Guggal &_Red_Loban(250_Gm,Pack-2) which is very beneficial to remove all

negative vibes and also purifier air and gives a soothing fragrance beside this it is very fruitful in hawan , pooja and dhuni 



  • In the first place, Afghani Loban Increase the Positivity and spirituality Whether You want it for Spiritual Purpose (Havan, Pooja)

          or just need to relax your mind and body also you Can Use this powerful, chemical-free, natural, pure afghani loban


  • LET’S UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE BENEFITS: although this may be true The aroma/fragrances of Loban incens

          will help to heal your mind effectively, and you will feel the difference within a few minutes. in addition, You can use

          this with sambirani cup, agarbatti sticks, Loban powder, guggul, sandalwood Gulab, gugal desi ghee, cow dung,

          batti , betala , resins stick, or benzoin damage, or any essential oil will give you positivity, spirituality, aromatherapy,

          and relax your mind and body


  • SPECIALITY: Original Afghani guggal/Loban dhoops is a traditional Vedic purifying resin gum element in the atmosphere

           for use in Taiwan or as a Commiphora cup puja that is used to spread the positivity in homes and places of work or anywhere


  • FEATURES: besides this, You can use it in an electric lamp burner handle or on black charcoal, or on sambrani cup

          and stand with long-lasting Chandan sandal fragrance and helps to relieve stress, anxiety and improve overall sleep quality


  • ABOVE ALL it has MULTIPLE USE The Afghani loan can be used for various purposes. Use them for offering prayers, or for

          meditating and relaxing, at the same time simply creating an aromatic ambiance. However, It helps in cheering up the atmosphere

          and creating a positive and encouraging environment





Although this may be true Increase The zeal And Spirituality With This Powerful Chemical Free Afghani

And Natural Pure Guggal Guggul Increase The zeal And Spirituality With This Powerful Chemical Free

Afghani And Natural Pure Guggal Whether You Are Using Sambrani Non-Irritant Google For The Spiritual

Purpose (Havana, Dhoops) Or Just Need To Relax Your Mind And Body Or Increase Sexual Desire for one

thing You Can Use Organic Agarbatti Sticks For Mild Smokes on the other hand You Can Use it As A Dhuni

Dhoop Batti although The Aroma Of Guggal Will Heal Your Mind Effectively also You Will Feel The Difference

Within A Few Minutes. This Sambirani Will Make Give You Positivity, Spirituality, Aromatherapy & Relax Your

Mind And Body.Guggal Is A Traditional Vedic Purifying Element In Air For Using In Hawan Or As A Commiphora

Cup Puja That Is Used To Spread the zeal In Homes And Places Of Work Or Anywhere besides You Can Use In

Electric Lamp Burner For Long Lasting Chandan Sandal Fragrance Relieves Stress, Anxiety And Improves Overall

Sleep Quality above all, that is to say, This Guggal is Effective And Creates An Aura That You Feel An Intensity

While Meditation, Yoga, And Prayer.


This order contains Afghani Guggal &_Red_Loban(250_Gm,Pack-2)



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