Pure Bhimseni Camphor Kapoor (100g Pack-5)



    Mini Storify Truly Organic Pure Bhimseni Camphor has an excellent fragrance however which divine

    the atmosphere moreover It’s in holy tablet with your devotion  Pooja and Meditation also remove negativity, keep one healthy, and

    attract prosperity


    In the first place Let’s Understand the Benefits of bhimseni camphor

    ✔ Relieves Pain and Swelling.

    ✔ Alleviates Skin Rashes.

    ✔ For Nail Fungus.

    ✔ Use for skin rashes.

    ✔ Helps Induce Sleep.

    ✔ For Cold and Cough.

    ✔ Promotes Hair Growth.



    ✔ Natural mosquito repellent.



    USE AS A DIFFUSER: Firstly The fragrance will boost energy levels and create a positive atmosphere around you also in your home.

    USE IN PRAYER:  secondary As per our holy scriptures, camphor symbolizes union with God

    SIGN OF PURITY: in addition, It burns and evaporates without sparking beside this also doesn’t leave behind any residue.  

    NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS:  it is derived from the pine tree however Locally available can have fillers and other chemicals which

                                                 are cancer-causing and dangerous to breathe.

    EASY TO BURN  additionally the size and shape make it easy to grip. Moreover, it burns instantly and does not require much effort.



            This packet contains Pure Bhimseni Camphor (Kapoor)(Bhimseni_100g.Pack_5)

     Well, It Reduces Stress and has Skincare beside this it Boosts immunity and prevents hair loss however it does not contain any chemicals

    Or preservatives also keep off ants, insects, cockroaches, and bed bugs. moreover, Its use in Temple, Sweets, and various Dishes gives

    Good Taste and also Preserves for a long time Use it with coconut oil/rose water for beauty, skincare, pain reliever


    Note:- To check the authenticity of this product just simply put it on the one glass of water the original camphor will flote also I will burn on the water 



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    Additional information

    Weight0.6 g
    Dimensions15 × 10 × 10 cm


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