2 Kids, 2 Adults Bamboo Toothbrush, 2 Tongue Cleaner & 2 Oval Loofah Body Scrubber Combo Pack Activated Charcoal, Natural, athing (Set of 8)




Adults Bamboo Toothbrush which is consider one of the main oral health measures. It is handcraft with the goodness of bamboo also a medicinal herb. A bamboo Toothbrush kills germs and fights many health problems. Indian Bamboo tree wood has proven medicinal properties that prevent fungal growth also has antiseptic, antibacterial, and medicinal properties

  • These  Bamboo Toothbrushes are Charcoal Infuse soft and medium size toothbrush bristles that help in whitening teeth.
  • It removes bacteria reduce bad breath & better than most traditional or electric toothbrush
  •  Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of health care and longevity.
  • It is a traditional medicinal healing practice that is adopt to improve health and well-being.
  • Oral health is considered an integral aspect of this school of medicine.
  • natural Bamboo Toothbrush has medicinal properties of bamboo
  • which removes bacteria and bad smell providing complete oral care.

Its ergonomic and simple design gives you a throughout safe cleaning also bamboo wood toothbrush will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.


Mini Stoyify Truly Organic Bamboo Tongue Cleaner 2pc which is 100% sustainable bamboo product, and also helps you to do your part by not polluting the environment while also keeping your mouth clean and fresh. Our plant-based tongue cleaner is durable, safe and high quality when compared with generic petroleum-based plastic tongue cleaners. It is comparatively broader to cover the maximum tongue area in 1 stroke but it has no sharp edges. The tongue cleaner is Gentle on the tongue.

  • Bamboo Tongue Cleaner is capable of dragging out dreadful tongue coats of your tongue easily.
  • Using a tongue cleaner can help improve the appearance of your tongue, improve your sense of taste, reduces bad breath of your mouth.
  • It is handcrafted from pure Bamboo-wood and also 100% chemical free and hygienic.
  • It is easy to sterilize the cleaner, just place it in warm water.
  • The ‘U’ shaped curve is flexible enough to twist and turn, scraping all the corners of your tongue.
  • It has anti-skid quality, that is, the deep slots are present at both ends for better grip.


It is a natural body scrubber it is a pure organic product however  Our desire to provide you with an exhilarating scrub experience that has been shape into loofah bath sponges also Natural loofah helps keeps skin healthy and safer to use

· NATURAL: pure natural loofah, plant tubular fibre structure, fine, clear and tough However it is a natural care         toolfor the skin. Unlike synthetic puff, these are natural and organic also Ideal for people who are moving toward a zero-waste lifestyle

· ECO-FRIENDLY: With neither GMO nor artificial additives however our sponges might not come in the exact same size or colour.

This order contain 2 Kids, 2 Adults Bamboo Toothbrush, 2 Tongue Cleaner & 2 Oval Loofah Body Scrubber Combo Pack Activated Charcoal, Natural, athing (Set of 8)

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