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The True Essence of Spirituality Unveiled

Do you know what spirituality is ? Do you believe that being spiritual means living a difficult life or do you think that being spiritual is related to a particular religion and after being spiritual one can lead a normal life? Cannot be lived. If you have been knowing and understanding all this till now, then today you should also know the real meaning of spirituality which has no relation with any religion or sect and it also has no connection with our outer world because Man has an inner journey and To understand this better, let us know what spirituality is.


Spirituality is a very broad term. We cannot explain it in a few words, but yes, we can definitely try to understand its meaning. Spirituality is the sense of connection with a higher power greater than ourselves. Some people feel this feeling in their religion and some in meditation because everyone experiences spirituality.

Defining Spirituality

Spirituality can be different, it gives answers to such questions of us humans which we are always in search of like what is the meaning of our life, how are people connected to each other, what is the truth of this universe, and the meaning of human existence. What is the secret? People who practice it get out of life’s stress, depression, and anxiety with the help of spiritual experience, heal themselves, and get even. When they are in spirituality, their perspective of looking at life changes completely. It means the situation around is the same but the perspective has changed.

The Universality of Spirituality

it is a universal concept that can be found in every culture and belief system. According to Buddhism, spirituality is a way out of human suffering and it leads to Nirvana i.e. salvation. According to Yoga, spirituality purifies the mind which can lead to salvation. Spirituality unites one’s soul with the Universal Soul. According to Vedanta, one’s self is identified through spirituality. The ego is destroyed which brings pure consciousness to body and mind. In Sufism, spirituality means serving God and surrendering before Him.

Spirituality Across Religions

It is said that in Christianity, spirituality is the practice of avoiding sin and loving the Creator i.e. God and Jainism considers spirituality as the path to salvation, it talks about becoming a perfect person by purifying the deeds, so in this way, no matter what the religion is, every Spirituality is all about personal transformation, whether religion emphasizes growth, service to the Creator, overcoming suffering, inner freedom and happiness, or union with the Higher Power that is at the center of everything. good in the center

The Personal Transformation

It has been said about becoming a human being and surrendering oneself to God. According to spirituality, life is much more than what we experience at our physical and sensory level and we are the biggest person who keeps everyone connected. If a person feels spiritual, then he starts having a desire to find answers to such questions as what is the reason for a person’s journey and what happens after death. Such a person starts feeling very deep connections with other people. He begins to feel compassion and empathy for others

He starts finding happiness in small things beyond the things of the material world, he starts searching for the meaning and purpose of life and starts wanting to make this world a better place. So you see, being spiritual means leaving the world. Giving and living a difficult life alone is not at all necessary but it can also be a way of life that can be experienced in every aspect of life, hence some people have spiritual experiences by visiting places of their religion, and some people While observing nature closely, we also have spiritual experiences and some

The Journey Within

People also have this experience in their art, that is, everyone’s spiritual experience can be completely different, but this spiritual experience gives the message to everyone that your journey is not of the outside world, it is a journey within you, of your life. You are the one who creates good and bad, so do good deeds, and help others in reducing their problems, no matter what the circumstances are outside you, and remain stable and happy within yourself. Search for yourself and avoid being immersed in the outside world. Instead of knowing your existence within yourself


Whether you have to work hard to support the family or help others at home or office, you can get spiritual experiences while doing so. Appreciating food every time you eat it and feeling thankful for it is also a spiritual practice. Be it celebrating small things or experiencing nature closely, all these give meaning to life in every day, that is, they make us spiritual. You also have to understand that everyone can have their own opinion on spirituality. But this means that you should find happiness within yourself and the outside world.

Share happiness in me too. Now if you are ready for self-transformation i.e. improve yourself more.

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