Dishwash powder to Gel (7 liter)



Mini Storify Truly Organic organic Dishwash_powder_to_Gel (7 liter) in this order you will get 7 packets of Dishwash powder on which one packet can make 1 liter of Dishwash gel 

This Dish Wash Concentrate Powder can have the formula to make  1L Dishwash Gel which removes the stench from dirty pots and pans and keeps your cookware smelling fresh and clean after washing utensils and hand

With this powder dish wash powder, strong cleaning action effectively removes the tough stains, grease, and germs from your dishes making them sparkling clean .as below the information you will come to know how to make this Dishwash powder into liquid also save lots of money 

So, Now Let’s understand how to make Dishwash  powder to hand wash liquid gel

  • firstly Add 50 gm  or a full pouch of Dish wash concentrate powder with 950 ml water in any plastic container


  • After adding the Dishwash powder to the liquid then Mix it for 5-10 minutes and after mixing it then leave the mixture for 2 hrs.


  • Then your Dishwash is ready but For better results after two hours again mix the diluted mixture for 5 minutes with continuous stirring and leave it for 2 hrs.


  • After the  2 hrs. the hand wash gel will be clear and ready to use.


Note: Do not use tap or handpipe  water or rough water to make this hand wash to maintain the Ph value and make good thick Dishwash gel to use RO water for better results

Note:- if you want to use it for hotel or any other light uses then you can make 2 liters of handwash with one packet as this handwash will become light and thin


This Packet contains  Dishwash_powder_to_Gel (7 liter)


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